Generative Fish

Rinkeby Testnet

The most unique fish in the metaverse sea! Generate an NFT fish from the name of your choice. Choose a unique name and get an equally unique fish art NFT on Ethereum.

Choose a name and mint your fish

Mint unnamed fish and decide on their names later


Q: How large is the school of Generative Fish?

The maximum supply is 12345 Generative Fish on Ethereum. This number was inspired by a nursery rhymn: "One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive..."

Q: How many traits do they have? What's the rarity table?

There is no list of traits, every Generative Fish NFT is uniquely generated from the name you choose.

Q: What kind of name can I pick?

To name a Generative Fish, you can use any letters in the English alphabet (a-z, A-Z), any digits (0-9) and space, up to the length of 25 characters.
When art is being generated, the fish name is case-sensitive, for example, "Carp" and "carp" create two completely different fish. But once a fish is minted, its name becomes case-insensitive. For example, once a fish named "Carp" exists, no other fish with names like "carp", "CARP", etc. can be minted.
Once you decide on a name, we recommend you play with its capitalization to generate different art versions and discover the fish that speaks to you most, then mint it straight away to prevent other fish from having the same name.

Q: Is there any reveal date?

All Generative Fish are instantly generated and revealed. Their look depends solely on the name you pick. Once a fish is minted, it is yours to keep. No one else can use that name any more.

Q: What's on the blockchain and who controls the media metadata?

The code and data that power the generation of fish can all be found on the Ethereum blockchain. The full collection can be completely recreated using on-chain data, including the generative code and all the seeds (names) you provided.
A guide to the regeneration of the collection will be added in the future. A cached version of the generated fish arts is hosted here for better performance.

Q: I minted some unnamed fish. How do I name them?

Every unnamed fish comes with a placeholder fish image NFT. Once you decide on their name, you can name them on this site, and the names will determine their look on the Ethereum blockchain.

Q: Can I rename my Generative Fish?

You can, but for a substantial fee. We recommend you to buy unnamed fish from OpenSea and other marketplaces. The renaming fee is initially set at 25x the mint fee and will increase over time.

Q: Can I stop others from renaming their Generative Fish?

You can, but for an even larger fee. Anyone can decide to freeze all minting and renaming functions of the Generative Fish smart contract and, subsequently, freeze the whole NFT collection.

Q: Who's on your team?

We are a team of passionate and experienced builders in the crypto metaverse. The drawing code is inspired by, forked from, and improved upon the amazing work by artist Ling Dong. Charities of Ling Dong's choice will receive donations from the mint sale proceeds of Generative Fish.

So long and thanks for all the fish!